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Thread: connection problems

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    Unhappy connection problems

    I click on and it says that there is a problem writing information on my hard drive and i should check to make sure there is room. I've done every thing I can think of to try and fix it. I've disabled the firewall, gone to the warcraft III technical support website, and yes I've checked my hard drive and i have plenty of room. Please help me out.

    Some information. I downloaded it by torrent because my disk has gotten all scratched up. I would prefer not to download a new torrent to make it work, but would be willing to if it was the only way. If that is the only way please suggest a good torrent.

    Also i have all of the patches updated so please don't suggest that.

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    Listen, when you downloaded the euro loader, you should've installed it in the the folder which also had warcraft III forzen throne and not in C drive, secondly you should've installed the gateways too, You should've extracted it in ur warcraft 3 folder and den u shud've run it(the loader file), secondly you shud also install the gateways, dont forget em

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