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    PG/W3 maphack Tree tag map hacker

    DISCLAIMER : i dont actually have a MH it was a bluff to break through his irritating excuses,i couldnt though
    Just watch between 9:00 to 14:30,you can see how he claims that he placed a ward on my...
  2. Well i dont have any replay unfortunately.Map...

    Well i dont have any replay unfortunately.Map name was Kodo Tag X-treme 8.4 (this is the most popular one)
    He seems to have messed up with the game's data.

    Oh wait now i have the replay gonna...
  3. A completely dangerous and intriguing hacker with unique set of hacks !!

    Firstly let me clarify things.the map i played with wasn't a corrupted map and actually was one of the most played custom maps in delinquent wasn't the host and he had a nickname...
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