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Entering the shooter market nowadays is not the easiest task. The audience is firmly entrenched behind the giants of the genre, leaving no chance for indie developers, and many brave attempts to bring something new to the market fail. At first glance, especially if you watch the gameplay trailers, Enlisted doesn't look like something even worth reviewing. A lot of military shooters have been released over the past few years, and there are several more in development. But there's still something about the game that can entice. Not everyone, but still. What is it? We will try to tell you in this review.

When you play Enlisted, you have a feeling that the developers didn't know what kind of shooter they should make: casual or hardcore. Darkflow Software was probably trying to find a balance between depth and low entry threshold. On the one hand, the game is full of hardcore elements. For example, there's no crosshairs, so shooting from the hip isn't the most comfortable option. Allies stand out with triangles above their heads only if you point the sight in their direction, and enemies are not marked in any way. Reloads are quite long and you need to properly track your ammo. And you can not dream about the trajectory of the grenades.

Separately we should note the technique. If you dare to sit in a tank, you have to take into account many nuances. You will get a very limited view, slow camera, prohibitively long reloading, and the fighting machine itself can easily get stuck going to the wrong place. At the same time, experienced tankers can do incredible things, so this class is definitely not suitable for beginners. The same can be said about the planes. You will have not only to learn the operation, but also learn how to destroy the targets.

On the other hand, the game seems to be very friendly, because it forgives your mistakes and allows you to feel yourself useful on the battlefield, thanks to the bots. The fact is that along with the players on the map run their squads, controlled by artificial intelligence. They are stupid and mostly serve as cannon fodder, needed to create a sense of scale (to be fair, they succeed). After your controlled character loses their health, they don't die permanently, but simply fall down. And you don't have to wait for your ally to pick you up, like in Battlefield 5 - if you have the first-aid kit in your pocket, you can do it yourself. If you don't have a first aid kit, you are allowed to switch to another squad member. Thus, death in Enlisted doesn't feel like something scary, as you always have several chances to get back into combat without going to a respawn point.

However, that doesn't mean you can just relax and blast away at the bots with ease. The game never tells you whether you're facing an AI-controlled fighter or a real player, so you have to be constantly on edge. Five bots pose no threat, but if there is at least one real person with them, they will quickly destroy you, because the TTC here is very low.

Squads are not only needed for massing - they can also be used to gain a tactical advantage. The most trivial thing is to switch to a fighter with a different type of weapon. For example, take a sniper or a fighter who has the right type of grenade against a tank. Bots also shoot in the direction of the enemies, and although they often have no way to hit, it allows you to determine where the enemy is. Well, and if you see that a member of your squad is suddenly killed, it is better to take a defensive position. By the way, in Enlisted there is the mode without squads, but in our opinion, it is not very interesting. The game is initially designed for squad control, and without it the battles don't seem to be as exciting.

The graphics in Enlisted is outdated to the modern standards and, apparently, the developers intentionally made it so that the game could pull on relatively weak computers. After all, the action unfolds on huge maps with lots of players, and it requires a lot of resources. Character models and animations are also not made in the best way. However, to call the game ugly - does not rotate language. As for the multiplayer war shooter, the environment is designed at an acceptable level and does not cause disgust during the game. Although the sounds are not made very well. At times, you hear a loud stomping sound somewhere nearby, but can't tell where it's coming from.

Enlisted is a kind of intermediate between hardcore and casual shooter. The game has a lot of complex mechanics that are not typical of modern games, but at the same time the gameplay is forgiving and the firefights are not as difficult. At first glance controversial mechanics with units adds dynamism and a sense of scale, and the monetization system although it affects the speed of pumping, but does not turn the project into a fierce pay-to-win. If you like military shooters, it makes sense to try it.
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