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How to connect to ?

Our server currently runs 1.26a Warcraft version.
As you most likely know,you have to have Warcraft III installed on your personal computer in order to play on our server ( or Warcraft at all ).
Once you make sure of that , download the 1.26a Warcraft III patch version (you can find it: here ) and install it. Great, you're almost done!
Now follows the all 1.26a Warcraft versions installer, used to let you connect to our server.
You can find it: here
That's pretty much all there is to connecting to and enjoying!
Yes, that easy!
After successfully applying, a new icon, such as this one:will appear on your desktop, which you can and should use to get online.

If you faced any problems patching/installing the above applications, please refer to our guide concerning fixing the 1.26a Errors and Problems, you can find it here.

In case your problem is not related to any of those or your issues are yet to be solved, try searching the board for any similar troubles.

If that doesn't help either, create a new thread on our Technical Support forum and get fast and easy support from our moderators with any Warcraft III related issues.

The Staff wishes you all to utterly enjoy your gaming and come back to this place whenever you'd like to have fun.

How to create server account ?

In order to play on you will have to posses server account. Due to fact that in-game account registration was closed, creating new account isn't as simple as it seems so.

This short F.A.Q will guide you through the registration process.

Account creation has 3 steps :

1) Registration
2) Confirmation
3) Activation

Firstly, you need to go to this site and register new server account. Carefully fill all fields, especially e-mail address - if you type it wrong you won't be able to finish registration process, so check it twice before you press 'Create account' button. After you click it, you will see following message :

It informs you that confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail box within 24 hours. When you receive it, click the link inside. Then, the only thing left is to activate your account.

What is 'activation' ? It's one minute long process letting us know that you still use your account. Whenever you see following message while trying to log on,

you need to activate your account.

How to do it ? Firstly, you need to go to this site.

Press it and you will be taken into second step of activation. You need to write your server account name/password there and press 'Activate account'. When you do it, you'll see following message,

informing you that your account is valid for the next month.

That's all ! You can freely log on our server and enjoy your favourite game :)

Notes :

1) Account activation is totally FREE. You don't need to pay anything for it !
2) You have to activate your account once a month.
3) If you don't activate your account once a month, it will be 'frozen'.
4) 'Frozen' accounts cannot be used.
5) 'Frozen' accounts will stay in server's database for 6 months. After, they will be erased.
6) To unfreeze your account, you just need to go to activation site again ( Here is the link ) and simply activate it as written above.

How to deal with cheaters ?

At we value fairness what means that cheating is NOT allowed here. By 'cheating' we mean all kind of 3rd party programs that allow particular user to use advantage of normally unaccesable things (for example seeing whole map while playing -MapHack ) as well as all kind of behaviours/certain acts that may have similar result as described above ( lvl-upping, bad manners ). In general, we disallow everything what destroys gameplay in any way. However....there are some expections. If you don't know them all, this F.A.Q is for you :)

To let You understand better, we will divide cheats into 2 categories :
1) Play Game cheats ( Abbreviation : PG. Cheats used in standard wc3 games - Ladder and Tournaments )
2) Custom Game cheats ( Abbreviation : CG. Cheats used in all kind of Custom maps, i.e. DotA, Tower Defence )

Below You have full list of programs/actions NOT allowed in respective category ( PG or CG ). Use of any programs mentioned below will result in account/IP lock punishment. Same will be done with any other action that is counted as forbidden. ( Nick Abuse, Lag abuse, Bad Manners, etc ).

1) PG :

- MapHack - It's a program which enables you to see the fully revealed map.
- Custom Kick - A program which kicks player out of a game. ( The kicked player will suffer a loss. )
- Level-upping - A way of boosting account with wins, done by other user on purpose. ( Arranged games in which one user will constantly receive wins. ) Though, not a "hack".
- Nickname Abuse - An advantage of player who creates "strange" nickname with weird signs like " IlIlIlIlIlI " , " _-_R4z0r-_-_ ". Difficulty of trying to check the ping of that player gives him huge advantage in "Lag abuse", "Disc Hack" and other cases. User will be also banned for account that may insult religion, countries or other people.
- FFA Teamplay - An "alliance" of 2 or 3 players against another player, in a "Free For All" ladder game. "Allied" players attack another player in a "Free For All" game, but avoid attacking themselves, though they are enemies.
- Team Killing - Team killer is a player who acts against his ally, in a "Random Teams" ladder game, attacking him or destroying his game, on purpose.
- DiscHack - It's a way of leaving a game, harmless to guy who's doing it, by " closing " the internet connection. It can be done by special program, called DiscHack, or manually, by upluging internet cable.
- Loading Abuse - A way of avoiding a game, which is about to start. ( An user who doesn't " load " the game. ). It can be done by special program or manually, by closing the game/upluging the cable/turning pc off during the game loading.
- Lag Abuse - It's abuse of " host " advantage. ( An user, who hosts the game, with ping greater than 300. ) Host with ping higher than 300 provides a lot of lag to enemy and has great advantage to win the game because of it.
- Bad manners - It's not a 'hack', however it's a behaviour that is not allowed. Any kind of strong insults, especially addressed to Nation/Country/Religion will have severe consequences.

2) CG :

- NameSpoofer - A program which allows you to change your nickname or put it coloured.
- Bad manners - It's not a 'hack', however it's a behaviour that is not allowed. Any kind of strong insults, especially addressed to Nation/Country/Religion will have severe consequences.

As you can see, much more 'cheats' are restricted in PG than CG. It is connected with fact that public CGs are not scored or ranked in any way and people who play them do not receive wins/loses and icons in profile. Thus cheating there do not have as big consequences as in PG system. That's why we allow to use CustomKick and MapHack software in custom games( DotA, Tower Defence, BattleShips and so on ), but disallow it in Ladder and Tournaments Games.

Ok, now when You know which programs/acts are allowed and which are not, we can go to part about reporting cheaters. What if You noticed someone breaking any rule? ( using some 'hack', abusing something, having bad attitude, etc ) In such situation you should go to Hacks Section and report it at respective forum. ( MapHack use at 'Maphack!' forum, Lag Abuse at 'Lag Abusers' forum, NameSpoofer at 'Other Hacks' forum, and so on )

All the informations needed for reporting cheaters are inside Hacks Rule Book. Read it thoroughly before posting.

ATTENTION ! server/forums are virtual communities. As a matter of that fact we respect and obey all the laws and duties reputed as common standards. If You have any doubts of what is allowed and what is not, always ask some Moderator or Administrator before taking an action.

How to host games under router ?


In this short F.A.Q you will learn how to host games having router.

In order to host online games you must allow all incoming connections to your computer. For this purpose, you need to foreward your gaming ports on the router.

How to do it ?

Firstly, open cmd.exe ( Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt ), type ipconfig and notice the Default Gateway.

Secondly, open your web browser and type the IP displayed by ipconfig command. In shown example it is You should see a box prompting you for your username and password. You can find them in your router's manual. By default username and password are admin.

After loggin in you will see your router's Control Panel. Now comes the hardest part. You need to find option to foreward ports. It's impossible to guide you where you should search for it, because Control Panel looks diffrently on diffrent versions of router. However, the most common are "Port Forward", "Virtual Server" or "Game & Application Sharing" usually located in advanced settings.

Below you can see few examplary routers' views:

Some routers have Warcraft 3 in their database, so all you have to do is add the Warcraft 3 to the Applied Rules. If you don't have the game, create a new application with the following settings:

1) Protocol: Any
2) Port Range: 6112 - 6119
3) Translate To: 6112 - 6119

Or if you don't have "Any" as a protocol type:

1) Protocol: TCP
2) Port Range: 6112 - 6119
3) Translate To: 6112 - 6119

1) Protocol: UDP
2) Port Range: 6112 - 6119
3) Translate To: 6112 - 6119

That's all ! Now you should be able to host games without any problems :)

How to host under firewall ?


In this short F.A.Q you will learn how to host games under standard, Windows firewall. If you have some other, special firewall program, check this guide.

Firstly, you need to go to Control Panel ( My Computer -> Control Panel or Start -> Control Panel ).

Secondly, when you are inside Control Panel, open Windows Firewall.

Firewall should be set to 'on'. If it's not, turn it on. Then, go to Exceptions bookmark.

Now, all you need to do is add new exception by pressing Add Port button :

1) Port Name - doesn't matter, choose any you wish.

2) Port Number - 6112.

3) Port Type - TCP.

When you finish it, press ok and repeat the procedure for UDP port ( select UDP in port type ). Remember that both types of ports must be forewarded !

ATTENTION : On the main firewall page ( General bookmark ) there is Block all incoming connections option. Make sure it's NOT ticked ! In order to host you must allow incoming connections.

That's all !. Now you should be able to host games without problems. Good luck ! Files

Below you will find most usefull files for Full list of files we make accessible is available here.

Our main, 1.26a, Installer
Our server is running 1.26a patch now in order to play here you will need our installer.
Our main, 1.26a, Installer

Blizzard 1.26a patch
Our server accepts only games with 1.26a version!
Blizzard 1.26a patch

GHost - Autohosting bot
What is GHost++? It's autohosting bot designed for hosting different warcraft maps. It's main feature is great delay and lag reduction - when hosted on good Internet connection it provides almost perfect gaming conditions - there is no lag and delay is imperceptible, like if every player in the game would be the host. GHost has also many additional features like country/ping check ( you don't need banlist anymore for that ! ), hosting game with observer slot, swapping players in game lobby ( no need to rejoin the game when you want to change team anymore ), kicking player from the game ( yes, you can kick feeder/flamer/noob without using any 3rd party software ! ) and many more. Don't wait, download it now and enjoy new quality of gaming !
GHost - Autohosting bot

TopazChat client
One of most popular chat clients for online gaming. It allows you to connect to our( and any other, as well ) server without turning game on and talk with friends. There are a lot of advanced options to use, e.g. TopazChat may work as autokicking bot from channel ( when it has channel operator status ) or can send message every few minutes.
TopazChat client

Equivalent of Custom Keys in pg, designed for dota. This program allows you keys mapping for all dota heros ( inculding their skills/inventory and even commands, like -di ). You can set keyboard shortcuts in way, you want to maximalize your game speed and reaction. Having all skills ( and items ) under one hand can be crucial during battles, allowing you to use effectively your abilities. Obligatory program for all dota maniacs.

Ventrilo - Voice communicator software
By offering surround sound positioning and special sound effects on a per user, per channel, per server or global configuration level the program provides each user the option to fully customize exactly how they wish to hear sounds from other users or events. Ventrilo is best known for it's superior sound quality and minimal use of CPU resources so as not to interfere with day to day operations of the computer or during online game competitions. It is also preferred for the simple user interface that any first time computer user can very quickly learn because the most commonly used features are immediately visible and can be activated with a single click of the mouse.
Ventrilo - Voice communicator software

Osiris chat client
Osiris is chat client created by community members: Anomandaris, Hovi and Firebird. It allows you to connect to our ( and any other, as well ) server without turning game on and talk with friends. It has easy interface and it's optimized to use on our server.
Osiris chat client

eVer-Craft - tool to watch old replays.
You always wanted to watch old version replays, but never could? Want to see players like SK.MaD]Q[FroG in action again without reinstalling your game? Use this! eVer-Craft is easy to use, windows program that allows you 'switching' game versions of your installed wc3. With few clicks, you will 're - patch' your game to some old version ( e.g. 1.14 or so ) and will be able to watch replays from that version After you finish, another few clicks allows you to go back to previous version. Really easy.
eVer-Craft - tool to watch old replays.

Custom keys for Warcraft III
What are Custom keys? It's .txt file, you must paste to your game directory ( probably C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\ ). After, you must go to game options and mark 'Your own shortcuts' option. When you do it, all keyboard shortcuts will be put into 'QWER ASDF ZXCV' square, making it much easier to use during the game, what probably will result into faster reactions ( spells/abilities/buildings usage ) and better overall gameplay.
Custom keys for Warcraft III

Advanced Warcraft III Configurator
With AWC you can fast and easy set all game options without even entering game options manu ( game/graphic/sound ). Additionally, it allows you to add/delete/modify wc3 gateways ( similarly to BnetGatewayEditor ). But best AWC's power is cd-keys exchanging. There is option to delete/add/change your current cd-key on already installed game. It can be extremely usefull, when you have c3 installed on not original cd-keys and you somehow get original ones, but you don't have cds to reinstall the game. AWC solves.
Advanced Warcraft III Configurator

Other usefull information !

Below you can find most important information about our server/forum. Take a look at them before you start playing here.

1) General forum/server rules for server/forum. Reading them is a MUST !.
The Rule Book

2) Everything about hackers and ways of reporting all kind of cheats. Don't miss it !.
Hacks Rules

3) Full list of available tutorials. If you have any problems, search there first, before asking in Technical Support section. Tutorials

4) Server banlist. A powerful database containing all the people banned for breaking any kind of rules. If your account is locked, check this first. Banlist

5) Tournaments. Full infromation about all available tournaments ( both, PG and CG ), including registering tutorials, rules, schedule, etc. Tournaments

6) Replays
Large database of amazingly exciting replays, quality standard Warcraft III ladder games and Dota players.
Want to be good?
Learn from the best!
Best PG replays
Best DotA replays

7) Safelist. Community uniting best DotA players on server. Feel like a DotA pro ? Go there and post joining request ! Make sure you read stickied topics firstly !
#ss DotA community

8) All the information for donators. In case you would want to support us :)
How do donate ?

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