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request to ban herman. Reason map hack

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by , 21st December 2011 at 05:26 PM (15589 Views)
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the request of [NQM] Knives come to ask to analyze this game held at the bot ... NQM [url][/url] agent saw the replay 3x pragente not even the player is to have knowledge of the game ... it was all thrown suspicion mh ...

Moments of play: around 10 minutes of game, about 14 minutes of game, at around 24.25 of this game was beating like WHAT pragente mh ...
PS: The player has been banned for a time using the same program and no one has ever posted the unban him why?

I pray that some moderator please look and if it is confirmed agent expects more severe punishment for the player Herman.

reason of infringement of a hack it was erased by a moderator or admin. would have to post more as I was already deleted ... then ask them to look at it. euro to garena full of stinking hackers; /

Nice Engrish skillzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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