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  1. Test

    Test Blog post
  2. Eurobattle Client - Status update #1

    Taking some time for EBC.
    And this is what I have so far:
    EBC will RESTART as administrator.
    More logging and a button to the current log.

    Busy with:
    News pages.
  3. The receive of Eurobattle Client

    Man, I was scared that there would be a mass load of problems. But glad to see there have been only two reports.
    I'll try to make things a little more clear in the next version... Pretty sure what and how, so that should only take a few minutes! Still depends on the test report of Cen how quick it will be done!
    So, I hope we will have a small update this night! (Brazilian people happy, they can test it first! )

    Other than that, I want to thank you all for the ...
    Eurobattle Client
  4. Euroebattle client bug

    Laying in my bed, thinking about stuff... Thinking about the fact that the EuroClient does not UAC-check for saving GProxy settings... Woops!

    Updated 11th January 2012 at 09:23 AM by MusicDemon

    Eurobattle Client
  5. Update system WORKS!

    Good news!

    After a little fight with the update system I have succeeded in making it getting to work properly!

    I will do some test runs and maybe, with permission of Cen, well get it all uploaded by the night!

    Eurobattle Client
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