View Full Version : Mi wanna join =)

15th September 2009, 02:47 PM

1)My name is igor bojkovic GoFraGuRSeLF

2) im 18

3) Serbia belgrade

4) i want to join ur clan and try to get near the top and play some cw's if possible

5) maybe it would be better that we play live so u can test my teamplay but ok
i cant post another replay if needed


15th September 2009, 04:10 PM
I'll watch the replay with my clan mate now.

Just one question: Why did you choose our clan?

15th September 2009, 05:12 PM
Well, your cap was fail. He did bad picks and lanes. However, you played well enough. You had yourself some rises and falls too, but, however, you did good overall.

Dobrodosao u klan Igore. Potrazi me da te ubacim. Dobices grunta, igraces par partija, pa cemo da vidimo da li si spreman za cw. Nadam se da imas slusalice i da primas savete od drugih igraca tokom igre.

Uglavnom, videcemo to ingame. Potrazi me na serveru. Nick: [OSA]MladenuS

~Vouched by me, Neca and Somi.

15th September 2009, 05:43 PM
Hvala. Posto moram da aktiviram nick a aktivacija nesto ne radi necu moci da se ulogujem dok to ne poprave...
Da imam sluške, ali nemam vent.

15th September 2009, 07:28 PM
K,vouched from Mladenus,and other shamans..

Welcome to the clan,hope ull stay forever ^^..

And... :tclosed: