View Full Version : WARNING!!! Dark_13lade distributing potentially hacked NotD map!!

13th August 2009, 07:04 PM
I just noticed a new guy on xpam forums trying to distribute a so called hacked version of notd2 :chief:. I couldn't check for myself, but if this is a real hacked version, you guys might try to block it as fast as possible.

He looks very serious, opened several threads accusing N0TD of being a fake clan copying from Northrend's NotD Clan:

Can any admin (Hovi, since it looks like you came back) talk to moderators to delete his posts (inluding one trying to distribute the hacked map ) and ban him :banned!:?

He is also using the old n0td clan website (on kilu) to distribute his hacked version...
Grim, any ideas on how he got it?:oops:

13th August 2009, 07:17 PM
anyone of you can report any post you have a problem with - there is a small warning sign (red triangle + exclamation mark) on the top right corner of every post.
Click that, give your reasons why you report this, and the one of the crew will look into it.

13th August 2009, 07:24 PM
Thank you for your post, I shall do that for the posts he made. I will still keep this post to inform N0TD members.

13th August 2009, 07:40 PM
You are free to PM me with link for any advertisement of this kind and ill take care of it. I deleted the thread you've reported, and removed his signature. Have fun, and say a big hello to my old friend Hovi from me :)

13th August 2009, 08:01 PM
Noticed it yesterday and removed any posts he made on our clanforum since (sorry greek and others for removing some replies as well).

I also alerted moderators yesterday evening to a post he made in the 'Maps archive' section, linking to his website. I got a friendly reply and the link was removed this morning. This is also the thread that -eXtasY- removed.

I requested that his thread where he'd started to flame us is closed as well. (edit) which happened :). A huge thanks to -eXtasY- for looking out for us :).(/edit)

Nx, we lost access to the notd kilu site ages ago, we still don't know why. My guess is someone obtained the pw and changed it afterwards. The site went offline later on, I believe, and with grilledfish online it didn't make any difference :).

13th August 2009, 08:26 PM
Thanks -eXtasY- for taking care of everything. :)
Issue is solved for now, but I guess we might have to watch this guy, just in case he keeps posting. :)

14th August 2009, 03:14 PM

Im confused now, did you really rework a map back in 2005, or what? Who is this guy, what map he reworked? Could you explain me all this a bit?

14th August 2009, 04:20 PM
I have only been in the notd community about 10 months but I will explain what I know.

There are MANY notd communities around the globe:

xpam: Clan n0td/MERCS, referred to as "n0td", website: grilledfish.be/xpam forums

uswest: clan notd/clan KL1T, no website

useast: clan MADD, mostly extinct

Northrend: clan notd, still very active from what i know, site:notd2.ffrq.com

twilight/ZA: clan notd, very active, website:ZA forums

bored aussie: clan notd, mostly a notd:am clan, website: BA forums

Chinese: clan angle & others?, notd-angle.com, mostly play NotDSO

GGC: Night of the Dead Room, a common ground for many of the previous notd communities
There are several NotD maps as well:
NotD 2 1.1 created by FM_osiris and FM_bilouxi (2005?)

NotD 2 1.3 Final created by osiris and bilouxi to fix a major "easy" exploit in 1.1 (2005?)

NotD:AfterMath created by Azazel (2006) originally called NotD:Pies

NotD:Special Ops ("SO") (2007) created by Syrus and Nxuan of xpam/mercs, currently developed by Imeasytokill

NotD 2 1.4d thru 1.4f (2008) created by PvSvN, Muhahahahaaa, AssassinInc of Clan NotD NORTHREND

NotD III.A thru III.E (2009) created by NotD northrend PvS, Muha, AssInc

NotD 3/4 ??? still under development by Psychicmaster formerly under development by tyger

The original mappers osiris and bilouxi are LONG gone in the gaming community

the only matter relevant to this discussion is that the "dark_blade" individual here on xpam forums posted links to a "hacked" version notd2 1.3 which had cheat commands for setting the players xp and medals to anything desired.

all of the NotD maps use a save/load system for xp/rank/medals which give subtle bonuses to stats and reward players for sticking with the game. The above "hacked" map circumvents this and ppl posting links to such maps should not be welcomed in this community or any other, in my opinion.

perhaps an older member of the n0td/notd community can explain more history but I dont see why it is needed for discussing removing posts/links to a hacked map.

Thanks again -Extasy- for the help,

14th August 2009, 06:06 PM
Our clan has always held fair play in the highest regard. We do not tolerate maphacking or cheating in any way (taking the 'human' factor into account, though - nothing is black and white).

The reason is very simple: it ruins the game for all players involved. In an XP hacked map, the very core of the map - the rank/medal system which rewards players - is rendered useless.

Your comment describes it best:

It would be same as advertising dota with maphack. We do not wish such maps on our server/forum. You can play it with your friends, but you cannot advertise or spread it here.

As many people already indicated, Blade's mention of a 'real' clan NOTD and our 'fake' clan are BS. Clans are server-bound and one cannot 'copy' a clan. At the very most he can truthfully claim that the other clan is a bit older.

14th August 2009, 06:40 PM
my guess is that this Dark_13lade is not the real person, but an impersonation by a guy desperate to gain attention and at the same time, defame the real Dark_13lade. No evidence though, just my hunch.

Did a little snooping (googling) around and found that the hacked map has existed since 2006 and I doubt he would have waited 3 years before publishing his "works".

15th August 2009, 01:17 AM
Clan NotD (northrend) once again denied having anything to do with this guy:

17th August 2009, 12:42 PM
Despite lack of posts on my part, rest assured that I'm actively following this issue and doing whatever possible to resolve it.

I can only confirm that things like these are caused due to someone with too much time on his or her hands. (vacation period?)

We have a few leads on who this person actually is (sorry if I'm sounding too much like a PI :) ), and in cooperation with the server admins, we could become more certain in the (near) future.

Another chapter in the "let's-do-some-trolling-and-let's-hope-someone-feeds-me" book.

17th August 2009, 12:55 PM
;1005008']sorry if I'm sounding too much like a PI :)

Interestingly, your avatar looks like a detective zombie :D