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5th July 2009, 09:01 AM
I was thinking on posting this Monday, but since im not going to be able to i decided that its better earlier than later.

"Wondering what to play?" will be a little rubric where i will post a new map each week. The maps posted here will be random maps some of which you might not know of.
I hope that for most of you these will be new and hopefully fun maps.

The map which will open this new rubric is called Snow and Hazards made by Vexorian.

Do you like Warlocks? Well if you do you will love this map!

In overall Snow and Hazards is an FFA map for 12 players which goal is die the least, yes die the least. It is almost impossible not to die in this map, but that is what makes it funny and different than the others.

Here is some more detailed explanation of the action:

You are an Ent and you must try and dodge the incoming obstacles while pushing your enemies into the water or throwing snowballs at them.
Your character has 3 skills which he can use:

Dash - A very effective skill which pushes makes you charge at the desired location pushing any units in your way, a very good offense. The best abut it that you can stop the charge at any time by simply right clicking the ground.

Throw Snowball - Well as it says it throws a snowball at a target location which bounces a few times. If it hits an enemy it could either kill it or do some damage to it, depending if the hit was accurate.

Switch Position - A very effective skill which switches your and a targeted players position.

There are 10 levels of difficulty during which there is a whole variety of stars that try to kill you. Every level is harder than the previous one. To add to the game play experience there is a variety of items such as:

The Speed Potions - They increase your speed allowing you to dodge easier the obstacles, still dont turn your back on the enemy ; )

The Mana Potions - Mana is very important here, because its never enough. Mana potions help you replenish your mana for the next challenge.

The Banana Bomb - Yes! The banana bomb. Its a really usefull jumping bomb that can deliver nasty surprices if it hits an enemy unit.

You can comment the maps in thi thread as well as arrange games or look for someone to play with.

Id like to thank Lord_Of_Hate who played all of those maps with me untill we found something both fun and balanced.

Thats it for this week. If you liked the map come back next Monday for another interesting suggestion.



13th October 2009, 10:48 PM
Today I present you: Frozen Chess 1.3 by Akbar aka. Mara.Jade


This map is a standard chess game with 1 small difference. You win by killing the king. All other things are completely the same. You need 1 live player to play against (comps can't play).

You move the figures by selecting them and then selecting the circle to move to. Timer counts down on your round. For other info and commands read the loading screen (all you need to know is written there).

So...have nothing to do? Sick of all kinds of custom maps? Play a relaxing game of chess! :)

Screenshots and map attached!

4th November 2009, 07:20 PM
Today I present you: Fortress Siege 1.62 by Tranquil


This amazing fortress map will really factinate you when you play it. You're a human defending the fortress from fel orcs. You pick a hero and defend the fortress along with your allies. The objective is not only to defend the king from being killed but to destroy the fel orc's base and the pit lord. The game has real and working siege towers, ramns and trebuchets/catapults which is really amazing thing to see. The dragon on the pic is called Searinox and will appear in the middle of the game, causing you problems. It's custom model is just amazing to see. Heroes are very well made along with their nice custom abilities.

Gameplay suggestion: The main gate will eventually fall, as well as the east and west, but the main thing is to keep them away from the main inner door. When you feed to max level and get the items, leave 1 mate behind for defense and rush with others to bottom-left corner to pwn the pit lord. YOu can also use 1 hero to go down there and then tp to him. You might go get the lord twice because it's very powerfull.

Map download (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps.php?p=download&id=goa6ep&toast=e1c4ccc892f0a30d6b2351ee73325144&dateline=1257353634)

10th November 2009, 04:40 PM
Today I present you: Cruiser Command v0.67c by callex


Taken from official description:

-Cruiser Command-

As crew of a heavily armed battlecruiser, you must work as a team to destroy the enemy. Each cruiser features an arsenal of powerful weaponry, advanced equipment and launchable strike craft.

Player Roles:

Captain: The captain must lead his crew to victory. He can manually steer the battlecruiser and fire any armed missiles. The captain must ensure each player is pulling his/her weight and instruct new players on what to do; good communication is therefore essential for this role.

Pilot: The pilot can fly one of the two launchable vessels within the cruiser. The mining vessel is the most important of the two ships, as the battlecruiser cannot function without a steady mineral income. The fighter vessel is useful for assisting battlecruiser assaults or harrassing enemy miners.

Engineer: The engineer has access to some of the more advanced battlecruiser technology, including the refinery and the molecular constructor. An engineer will need to refine any minerals delivered by the mining vessel, and use the product to construct missiles and other equipment. Engineers can reroute power to different areas of the ship to enhance shields, weapons or engine speed.

Official site: HERE (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/cruiser-command-v0-67c-146437/)

Personal experience

The description is correct. You really need to cooperate with your allies. After playing the map few times you will know asap what to do. The terrain switches from space to the ship itself. When you get in the fighter or cargo, you will be switched to space mode and again, when landing back on the ship you will run around the ship with a man. Captain does the cruiser movement and shooting while others need to take care of the missile loading, gathering resources etc. The terrain looks just awesome. I strongly recommend.

Map download (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps.php?p=download&id=55hewa&toast=cd807d45a8be27926624700d9de12ff5&dateline=1257863628)

thanks to enigma77 for showing me the map x]

22nd November 2009, 12:41 AM
no problem cen ;)
btw the map has been updated to 0.68c, so this is old

new features:
- 2 more rockets (sabertooth-brings down shields and hellfire-makes nice campfire out of opponent cruiser)
- energy limited to 100k (i think previously was 1 milion)
- might be wrong but: vessel hull upgrade have been lowered
- also might be wrong: cruisers can go faster

one thing stays tho... i keep getting d/c after every game (if not immediately, after some time) and this happens to quite a lot of people

btw: may anyone post new games here or just admins?

eh well, i post map i like as well


In a research sector of the United Security Initiative known only as 198X2, a group of scientists and station personnel are assaulted by an unknown threat. As their colleagues die one by one, they must fight to survive and figure out who is doing this to them, and how to stop it.

The Game
Metastasis is best described as a survival game. At the start, one or several players will be secretly selected as your opponents. You will be placed within a space station in the sector 198X2 and must figure out who is the enemy, and kill him before he kills you and your fellow humans.

Depending on the number of players in the game, there will be one or several enemies.
1-4 players: A lone enemy, who will either be a former researcher mutating rapidly into a cunning adversary, or an alien organism killing off station workers for unknown reasons.
5-9 players: Both the mutant and the alien work to kill your team as well as each other. Only one side can stand victorious.
10-12 players: The mutant and the alien are once again your adversaries, but rumors abound of a cold, metallic killer waiting to rise and annihilate every living thing in the sector.

To aid you in your fight, you have a myriad of station resources and your own education to assist you.
Being a research group in a theoretically dangerous sector, stations are equipped with state of the art military supplies, including many types of combat suits of varying abilities. You have been trained to use these suits, albeit only against the organisms on the local planet. No doubt you can adapt them to perform other, more murderous tasks. There is also an assortment of defensive and offensive weaponry, from stationary turrets and force shield generators to grenades and mighty fusion bombs.
You also carry your life experience and career with you. There are nine possible careers assigned to you at the beginning of the game, from researchers with various doctorates to a visiting captain of the battlecruiser Swagger to the lowly local janitor. Each career provides a unique benefit and alters your initial equipment and monetary income.

The mutant and alien both have strong physical capabilities. Each is capable of overpowering an unequipped human easily. However, they are alone, and hate each other as much as they hate humans. The mutant and the alien both sport an ever changing genetic code- within the span of mere hours they can change their physical and mental makeup drastically. As the game goes on, each will slowly evolve into more powerful forms. Eliminating them early will prevent them from overpowering you with massive strength, dominant mental abilities, or swarms of minion-like organisms.

The mutant has the ability to evolve a infectious called a prion. By weakening the human body, the prion eventually forces a genetic change in the host, altering it to serve the original mutant and take its form.
The alien also has a similar parasitic microorganism it launches into humans, slowly weakening them and eventually eating them away. By doing so, the parasite grows into a facsimile of the original alien, while retaining traces of the infectee's personality, though twisted into serving the alien leader.

Featured in the sector are four space stations and a planet situated around a single star. Each station has unique capabilities and can be visited at any time by using one of several types of spaceships or escape pods. The largest station is the U.S.I. Queen Niffy, which boasts a large infrastructure and fleet of spaceships, as well as many curious research labs dedicated to the sector. Other stations include the Arbitress, an advanced sensors station, the Kyo Station, which is a container for the experimental Kyo Cannon spatial artillery platform, an old unused station now scheduled for demolition. These are all situated around the orbit of the local planet Minertha, a terraformed but as yet uncolonized planet. A small military station was set up some time ago, but no one currently occupies it.
A battlecruiser from the U.S.I. fleet is also currently visiting the sector.

An extensive list of credits for the artwork featured in the game can be found within the F9 menu of the game. Special thanks needs to be given to to Clan Sirs, Catar, DarkLink_Rper, EnragedBullfrog, OmeedESF, Mooglefrooglian, mrzwach, lorg, Aenir, Scruffymurphy, Jarkill, InfernoInfernal, and especially Kodua.

UPDATE (1.4.3):
-See changelog at http://metastasis.thegoodsirs.com
Fixed a few game-breaking bugs, replaced a few models.

official description
sum up: you are human, alien or mutant, your goal is to kill alien and mutant or if you are one of those two everyone else. best way of making sure the guy who is behind you is not an allien or mutant is killing him :D
alien can make humans one of his own, if humans don't get proper healing

have fun playing

official site:
metastasis (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/metastasis-137920/)