View Full Version : Clan B0S - Rules !!

27th January 2008, 05:05 AM
Server rules !

1) All clan members must speak English !
2 ) Respect other members !
3) We are like a big family.
4) If u don't like it don't try to join or leave the clan.
5)We don't need people who change clans 5 times per week !

Clan Forum Rules!

1)This Clan Forum is open for all, feel free to post here !
2)Don't SPAM !!! Every sensless post will be deleted !!
3)Always stick to topic.
4)Use EDIT button to avoid double or triple posts !
5)Racism, insulting STRONGLY FORBIDDEN !!!
6)Respect Global Forum Rules and enjoy your stay .

Breaking rules above may lead to forum warning/infraction if necessary !