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11th August 2013, 04:54 AM
Eurobattle.net Custom Game Tournaments RULES and SYSTEM

1. Every new tournament will be announced here and you can register, check grid, download/upload replays, etc. under CG Tournaments (http://eurobattle.net/forums/773-CG-tournaments) section, each tournament will be handled by a thread separately.

2. Every tournament will have its own rules and system according to the map to be played.

3. Every tournament will have its rules listed under each one's thread, under CG Tournaments (http://eurobattle.net/forums/773-CG-tournaments) section.

4. Tournaments will have a scheduled date and time when the game(s) is(are) going to be played. For example: "The Gem TD Bracket A match will be played on Tuesday - May 29th, at 17:30 Server Time"

Note: players should always gather at channel Romania at defined game's time and date. There is a 10 minute maximum tolerance. Absent players/teams will be disqualified and banned according to rules.

Note 2: do not miss your games! Players that miss a tournament game will be punished and banned according to rules. Please report your opponent's absence to a Tournament mod.

Note 3: it won't be allowed to download the map while inside the tournament match room. Always make sure you already have the correct map version inside your Maps/Download/ folder before the game date. For instance, every tournament thread will contain the correct map to be played available for download.

4b. Games will be hosted by a defined host, provided by Eurobattle.net.

5. If the game ends because of fatal error, disconnection, etc. (for instance, game ends when 50%+ players are dropped) game will be re-hosted. For minor problems such as any lower amount of players dropped than just specified, game can be remade ONLY if all the sides agree on it; however, this second can only be done at the first 15 minutes of play.

6. If you suspect any player of cheating in a tour (MapHack, bug abusing), you should talk with tour mods. All proofs will be posted in hacks forum and punishment is the same as if the game was played on ladder!

7. In case of cheating, bad mannered players, not obeying the rules above or continuously avoiding games (giving free-win), tour admins have the right to kick player from current tournaments or/and ban him temporarily/permanently from next ones. If any other abuse occurs which is not listed above, moderator is free to take actions.

Romanian Crew!