View Full Version : H0LY Clan Rules

24th April 2012, 09:46 PM

the rules:

1. member most obey the captains orders (when he is available in team)
note : current Clan Captains ( Mr.Bone , Rationalized )

2. member most not have more then 2 accounts in Clan.

3. when a member is online he is not allowed to play alone while another member is available even when he is already in game he most wait for him to finish but you can play alone if u discussed with other online clannies (cause by playing together we can get best improves for tours,cw,etc).

4.while in game member is not allowed to (ignoring teammate , flame[insulting] , spam , AFK , leaving game[except for emergencies], game ruining)or he will be removed.

5. the Clan member most be active for at least 1 game each 2 days with any member of the H0LY Clan (if member have toabsence he most send via pm to the captain or chieftain or post a report in absence report section ) .

6.shaman members are not allowed to invite new members without captains opinion and a test game .

7.member most not speak non-english language in game..except for those who their english is not understandable .

-every one most obey the rules (even the captain and chieftain) and if anyone ignores any rule he will be removed from clan after he gets warned 2 times by the chieftain or captain.
-if a member have any suggestion please feel free to pm Vendetta or MR.Bone .

wish u all the best .