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11th May 2011, 02:07 AM
The Quelling Blade

A lumberjack’s axe at a bargain price. Also useful against animals.

225 gold

Quell (passive)
Tree Chop (active)

Buyable from Goblin Merchant
Cannot be held by Admiral Kunkka.

+32% bonus attack damage against non-hero units if wielder is melee, +12% bonus attack damage against non-hero units if wielder is ranged

-Tree Chop
Destroys a target tree
Has a 10 second cooldown, and 100 cast range
All my information will guaranteed help you in public games.

Introduction of the Quelling Blade

When players take a glance at this item, the very first thing they think of is: OMFG FARMING ITEM!!! That’s what I thought when this item first came out in v6.60. This item helps, believe it or not, immensely against last hitting. Not only is it now a staple on some heroes like Bloodseeker, it also did something unique. It changed attack animation like Battlefury does for certain heroes (Juggernaut, Phantom Lancer, Doom, etc.) It does not, however, change the time for an attack to complete so essentially, the timings were the same, but the animation was different. Ricing melee carries like Void, Juggernaut, Phantom Lancer get this item in their starting items to aid their last-hitting skills against deniers.

Article’s focus

But, today’s article is not focusing on the ricing aspect of the quelling blade. I am going to show you guys through pictures and videos how to actively use your quelling blade’s secondary activity that is perhaps lifesaving and life-threatening. Today is about abusing your 10 second cooldown on your quelling blade and creating a mazing path that will allow you to either confuse your opponent and juke them or gank and kill them.

Let’s get started.

You cannot carry more than one Quelling Blade

Tree Chop + Juking + Offensive uses

The Tree Chop skill is essentially the same thing as a tango. However, tangoes cost money and are usually limited so having a quelling blade is always nice to have. I’m sure many people have seen Merlini’s godly juking zeus at top lane scourge with his tangoes. I’d call that “on-the-spot juking”. The type of juking I will cover today will utilize only 90% of the time 1 tree that can completely save you because this 1 tree will create an obscure shortcut or path that will give you a path to your safety. Also, another type of juking will be shown and that will be called “pre-set juking”. Another use of the Quelling Blade is the offensive way. Use your Quelling Blade to create paths that will allow you to backstab your enemy heroes just by going through some trees. Hide in the trees. Become one with the trees. I will show you pictures later on.

*Note that this “pre-set juking” can also be “on-the-spot” juking if trees have reseted and you do not have time to set it up.

Here is the video link to Merlini’s imba juking skills

Trees reset every 5 minutes so the trees you cut down for your juking path may be ruined!

Actively using it

When I watch my brother play DotA, who is a decent DotA player (by that I mean someone who knows how to last-hit, orbwalk, animation-cancel, etc.) and he gets a Quelling Blade I notice he rarely uses his Quelling Blade’s Tree Chop. I just stare at him and think wtf? And then he dies because he fails to juke.

I join a public game and I see my lane partner NEVER use his Tree Chop ability at all. However, when I play DotA and I have a Quelling Blade, I use the Tree Chop almost immediately when it is up IF I CAN. Generally, what you should do when you pick up your Quelling Blade plus your items and head out to your lane, go start chopping down trees. Don’t just stand there waiting. You can chop down at least 3 trees before creep blocking [or have your ally do it]. Seriously, there are so many places in BOTH sentinel and scourge areas that you can chop down trees to create escape routes. This is what I mean by “pre-set juking”. You prepare your escape routes and have them ready to go if you get ganked. You may never know what may happen during level 1-6 and even a split second of fog can save your life. So what I want YOU to do when you buy your Quelling Blade next time is to just get in the habit of chopping down trees once it is up. If you cannot last hit due to harassment or you are waiting for a creep to get low hp and you notice your quelling blade is on cooldown… go chop down a tree. It literally takes a second of your time and can save you a whole minute of experience.

Quelling Blade has a 10 second cooldown.

Pictures + Explanations

Ideally, making a video for this would have been nice, but luckily, I found some scenes from the games Luminous commentated on. Also, I took about 70 screenshots for this guide, but figured it would take too long. So I decided to find my most favorite and most helpful spots that have helped me gank or saved me from ganks. Still, there is a lot of pictures.

-As I was taking pictures, I realized a more convenient way to show off the path you can take. I used shift clicking (the blue flags) starting from around the 10th picture or so. I will first show you the area WITHOUT the trees cut down and then the area you can use to juke, hide, and use strategically.

By cutting down the tree, you can move across the map more quickly. Whether you are ganking mid from scourge or you are trying to run from the enemy heroes that are trying to gank you as you pull, this spot allows you to fog them easily, plus move out of the way. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge heroes.


Total Trees cut down: 1

For a succinct guide, I did not post the pictures where you can cut down even more trees. The first picture I showed you guys, you should cut down these trees before the game even “begins” [before creeps spawn]. Remember, 10 second cooldown. Create these weaving paths to juke level one firstblood ganks/ Cut down ANY tree you like. KEEP USING your quelling blade!
This spot is usually where the teamfights happen since it is an open field and a spot where many backstabbers from both sentinel and scourge lie. When you are running from enemy heroes, you can cut down the tree and confuse your opponents where you went. Since the area where the top picture already gives you fog, if you cut down the tree and proceed further, you get another extra second of confusion that you can use to escape the ganks. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge heroes.

Total Trees cut down: 1

Ah yes, the spot where you’ve seen pro players corner themselves into and somehow magically turn it around. This spot seems restricted at first glance. Once you go in you’re trapped right? No. By cutting down this tree (below) you create a small gap enough for you to squeeze yourself out. Watch as enemy heroes pass by you momentarily and you should take the chance to run out. Usually does not work against two man ganks, but against a mid hero who used all his spells, this is the spot that allows you to juke well. Applicable to sentinel.

Total Trees cut down: 1
This spot here is not necessarily for juking purposes, but for a way to shortcut your way through in the event that there are no neutral creeps. In that case, ganks from mid can easily traverse a straight path. However, there is also another purpose. When you are scourge you can cut down this tree to ensure you can get some leisure time with your pulling. Pull at x:22 or x:52. If you pull at 52 seconds it will SPAWN MORE creeps which will MOST LIKELY kill all your creeps. If your other camp is not warded, go pull that and you can completely deny 1.5 waves of creep exp. Abuse it! You do not want your lane pushed cause you are more susceptible to ganks. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge.

Total Trees cut down: 1
If scourge gets a shortcut to pulling, so do we! This tree allows you to generally pull at the x:13 mark than the x:15 mark. Also, if you are trying to do a first blood gank [3 man gank] while the sentinel hero is blocking his creeps, cut this tree down when you go in for the gank. Why? Because it is farther from their tower. This means that they have to travel to their 2nd base tower which is much farther and does not have as many juking places. Cut down the tree and NINJA!!! Applicable to both sentinel and scourge. Total trees cut down: 1

An alternative path.
As you can see here, the trees have already been cut down. Well this is because this area is so lenient. I usually cut down these trees while laning. Whether I am scourge or sentinel, it does not matter. For scourge, you generally should NOT cut down these trees if you are ranged. This is because you should be using these trees as obstacles for when you harass melee units or when you try to last hit. Use these as fog. In that event, sentinel heroes should cut these trees down to just generally create weaving paths. Remember that trees are OBSTACLES and provide fog. If you cut even one tree down, you can go straight through and perhaps, give you enough travel distance to land a stun or that one last hit for a kill. This is one area where you can preset up your juking path. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge. Total trees cut down: Varied.

This place is usually unfamiliar to many people. Cut down the tree where the pointer is being held and you get a complete area of free fog. In the event they find you, you should have teammates tping in and allow them to trap the enemy heroes. One tree can make a difference and this tree is, like I said, usually unknown to many many players. Applicable to Sentinel.

Total trees cut down: 1

This is one of my favorite areas to cut down trees. Once again, if you are laning as sentinel or scourge, cut these trees down because it allows you to gank, hide, and maneuver effectively. If you are sentinel, you should cut down this tree as a ranged especially if you are in a tough lane. Generally, you should be going through this path to last hit the creeps in the general vicinity. If they are coming to gank you from around, it should be fairly obvious and you can just run straight out. If you are scourge and the bot lane is pushed near the tower, you should cut this tree down and go straight through for the gank. It serves as a surprise element. I have seen pros do this [vengeful spirit] who tango their way through and stun for the first blood. DO IT!. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge. Total trees cut down: 1.

Like the top scourge lane area of trees, this area can pretty much be varied. Create your own path, and screw with the minds of the opponents. Remember that the trees still appear to be “there” for the enemies UNLESS they actually explore it. Both sides can use this, so USE this to your advantage. Quelling blade is spammable and this is one area you can preset up your juking paths and ganks. Total trees cut down: 2. Applicable to both scourge and sentinel.

Okay, this is for the scourge peeps. Generally, when you are laning as a melee, cut down the tree so you can use it to fog you and help you gain experience. If you are a ranged hero, you can use this area [cut down the tree first] and gain an extra small “range” to hit your opponents and back off. If you cut down more than one tree, you can use this as a quick backstab. Have the ranged stunner go through the trees when the opponents don’t expect it and then get the kill. Had you not cut down these trees, you would have to run around the long way and by that time, kills would have been missed. Applicable to scourge. Total Trees cut down: 2.



These three are in top lane scourge. It just serves as an example of how you can creatively use your quelling blade to create juking spots and ganking spots. The first image is for Merlini-zeus esque juking [requires 1-3 trees to be cut down]. The second image is for backstabbing for both sentinel and scourge [requires 3 teres to be cut down]. The third image is a path that can allow you to defend your carry pulling from ganks or a juking path [only requires 1 tree to be cut down]. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge. Total trees cut down: Varied.

This last one is my favorite. When you are ganked as sentinel OR scourge [generally sentinel], cut down this tree AFTER you buy a tp scroll. Cut down the tree, run through, tp out. This is a fairly unknown spot to cut down a tree that gives so much fog [especially at night]. You can cut down the tree, and just walk out and laugh at the enemy heroes scour the secret shop, or you can cut down the tree, go into the corner and tp out. This is my most used juking spot :]. Also, I mentioned earlier that the Quelling Blade can be used to set up backstabs. Well, this is one of the best places to do it. When the lane is slightly pushed and is near the two shops, you and your ally [as sentinel] can enter through this small passage and sneak up on them from the back. The scourge will have to react quickly and chances are, they won’t expect it. Abuse this spot! It’s a great spot that most players do not know about. You can also backstab as scourge also only entering from the top. Applicable to both sentinel and scourge.

Total trees cut down: 1

These last few are just extras with the trees cut down. There will be no explanations because doing that will just make the guide longer and these are just a few places to pretty much show where else you can create your own juking paths. There are more I have no posted [only posted 20 pictures of the 70 I took] so be creative!


Videos Examples

After a bit of digging up recent video’s of Luminous’s commentaries, I found some video examples to use. Let’s get started.

~LGD.sGty vs. Nirvana.cn PT 2


3:20 – 3:35 – After Luminous shows a great ward spot, focus on the crystal maiden. Notice that the tree is not cut down in the vicinity I told you to. Remember how I said to use tangoes or quelling blades to eat trees before. This CM or Morphling had an ample amount of time during the laning phase to do so or one would think. Now, look at the timer. 5:xx on the DotA clock. What does this mean? Its been xx seconds since the trees “resetted” which means if you tangoed or chopped the tree down, it would have “grown back”. We can, however, learn something still. If you watch the end (until 3:35) notice how CM attempts to tango the tree down to gank but pathing issues rise. Well, this is why I emphasized that you cut down trees whenever and as strategically as you can. Also, cut them down before the action rises because pathing issues can come up and lose you the kill [as we see in the video]. The fact that this tree was not cut down cost morphling a kill or even two which could be potentially game-changing since it is early on, especially for a morphling who requires those items. Had the tree not been there, a kill could have been easily picked up.

~DK VS Nirvana.CN PT 1 -

6:30 – 7:15 – The fight begins and watch how THD utilizes those tangoes to create a fog. This can be done with the quelling blade!
8:00 – Watch Anti-Mage epically fail to use his tangoes strategically and not cut down a tree which could be used to create a weaving path. A
8:05 – 9:00 – Watch the Lion utilize those trees to “hit and run”. The scourge heroes make a mistake of cutting down the tree [8:20] which allows lion to just come out of that fog, hit, and run back in before the scourge can even do anything. This is how you use those trees to your advantage. Amazing abuse of the fog + range that lion has. Note that venge is trying to do the same, but his range is just not long. Also, this is what I mean by providing a straight path to the heroes when it is pushed. A ganker does not have to come through the back or the front (where there are creeps), he/she can just charge right like how lion is doing and pull off a kill. enough.

I do realize that this focuses on sentinel bottom lane, but realize that the same concepts can be applied in scourge lane top. You can cut down trees to your advantage and use the fog to help juke. Try to have the trees cut down before the action begins because you can see CM fail in the first example. If you watch the video into part 2 for DK vs. Nirvana.CN you will also find that vengeful is in the same position the CM was in the sgty vs. nirvana game.

*I do realize these are pro players and are better than me, but people must realize pros make mistakes (like the CM and Venge). These little bits of mistakes can change a game. A player can never stop improving, and understanding this will make you better, so I am not criticizing these pros because I do not think I am better than them, but rather, I am criticizing them to explain and analyze what WE all can learn from them.*


With that, I have to finally conclude. The last reminder I’d like to imbue into your mind is that, when you have a Quelling Blade off cooldown USE IF YOU CAN. It does not matter if you are doing it on some pointless tree. Just use it to get into the habit. If you are panicking as you are getting ganked, you should consider all your options. Many times, people forget the quelling blade. By habitually using it, you will get accustomed and naturally cut down trees to juke. Remember to memorize these because they WILL, I guarantee, save your life at some point because they have helped me so much turn around ganks, help gank, or just live.

I hope you have enjoyed my long guide. Keep juking and remember to USE YOUR QUELLING BLADE!


Note: This Quelling Blade guide is made by someone called L1nk115 and it's taken from DotAcommentaries.com.

| DotAcommentaries (http://www.dotacommentaries.com/index.php/strat/3928/) |

11th May 2011, 02:33 AM
225g is too much to spend for an item that grants you better attack damage in serious games I think its a waste. For that amount of money you could buy stout shield that would make you a little bit more tanky or some additional heals, some stat's items that are generally more helpful in long term.

11th May 2011, 02:40 AM
You are right .sorrow. but look at the pictures. It's not only about farming but about jukeing, surviving at special places and the last farming better.

11th May 2011, 10:39 AM
quelling blade is actually more imba, as its cooldown was reduced to 5 seconds on 6.72

11th May 2011, 02:10 PM
What? Quelling blade is EXCELLENT for carries. You clear woods 30% faster. You get last hits on lane that enemy can't deny. You miss less last hits. You push the lane faster with it. For 225 gold that's a ridiculously good item

11th May 2011, 02:16 PM
I agree with all that you wrote,rawr,but since when point is to push lane faster?I thought you are more safe near your tower then enemy's one.

11th May 2011, 02:40 PM
How about when u have ur babysit and vs. one hero ? You freefarm and as swift said u miss less last hit.

11th May 2011, 04:24 PM
I agree with all that you wrote,rawr,but since when point is to push lane faster?I thought you are more safe near your tower then enemy's one.

A lot of carries get ring of basi now, so around level 8-9 when u see enemies are on the other side of the map, or u just won a teamfight - u turn on ur basilius and take like 30% of tower hp with each creep wave. Ofc u don't push it all the time, but it's useful when u do. Or when u want to clear a lane fast just to tp to another one to farm/gank etc

11th May 2011, 04:44 PM
qb is a very useful item indeed ... i cant farm w/o it xD

11th May 2011, 06:28 PM
best item in game,i cant live without qb

11th May 2011, 06:53 PM
Sacred relic is bast for carryiers..+60 dmg imba fast puh, no miss, ridicoalous god item..Canot live wothout it.

11th May 2011, 07:06 PM
Joker please discuss about Quelling Blade and not for Sacred Relic.

11th May 2011, 10:05 PM
225g is too much to spend for an item that grants you better attack damage in serious games I think its a waste. For that amount of money you could buy stout shield that would make you a little bit more tanky or some additional heals, some stat's items that are generally more helpful in long term.

totaly wrong.lol

qb 10sec cd?not 5?

11th May 2011, 11:40 PM
qb 10sec cd?not 5?

ale fejlo si

qb 5s cd ages ago

12th May 2011, 09:55 AM
225g is too much to spend for an item that grants you better attack damage in serious games I think its a waste.

And thats why when it came out it was in every, and I mean every single most important chinesee tour game (it was spec/lancer + 3 carry strategy time).

But yeah, I bet sorrow knows better then this.

12th May 2011, 02:35 PM
lolz qb is a must for melee jungler or carry hero especialy if u suck at LH :D and with starting gold theres enought gold for both stout and qb and supports/babysiters can buy u ur consumables

12th May 2011, 04:37 PM
ale fejlo si

qb 5s cd ages ago

ti si fejlo da procitas njegov post ;D

12th May 2011, 05:32 PM
I think quelling blade best item in game, everytime enemy haras me and can't farm i cut trees so i don't get sad & bored, this means i still have high morale for the rest of the game.

12th May 2011, 09:31 PM

12th May 2011, 09:34 PM
It's very positive, I hope people soon realize QB is a must for every carry, even for ranged carriers like trax and sniper and semi carry shadow fiend.

12th May 2011, 09:45 PM
So much info on an item I never bought in my life.. I must reconsider my pro pub career.

12th May 2011, 10:11 PM
I think quelling blade best item in game, everytime enemy haras me and can't farm i cut trees so i don't get sad & bored, this means i still have high morale for the rest of the game.

I agree totally.

13th May 2011, 12:28 PM
So much info on an item I never bought in my life.. I must reconsider my pro pub career.

One of most important item in DotA Cen :)

14th May 2011, 03:16 PM
sometimes i eat bigger trees to heal more, wad bout ju?

25th May 2011, 02:46 AM
i eat bigest ones

13th March 2013, 08:47 AM
Well on some heroes is good qb but on some it's noobish...On doom is epic cuz more dmg and u can farm more withouth getting denied and u can denie...It's good vs Furion in cw cuz when he comes to gank u u will always escape easily :)