View Full Version : Basic bot instructions.

10th March 2011, 02:42 PM

this would be basic bot commands for new players that arent familiar with our software. Im going to list those that are handy and necessary for each player.

.sign - registeres you for a game. Can be used before challenge starts.

.sign obs - registeres you for an observer slot.

.pool - shows registered players.

.out - removes you from the pool.

.inform - shows you info about games in progress

.userson - shows all online, safelisted, users on the server.

.info <nick> - shows basic information for desired player.

.sd <nick> - shows dota stats for desired player.

.top - Shows best ranked players in the league.

For all advanced commands you can use help on guard by typing .help all

Best regards,

Safelist Staff.