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17th September 2010, 12:46 PM
O to moje pytanie, czy jest jakas stronka ze statami? bo chyba ro i inni maja:D

Jak jest to kacza podaj :D:D

btw. napisalbys jakie komendy ma lvl3 :D

17th September 2010, 01:56 PM
Nie widziałem aby inny kraj miał stronę z statami, mają tylko zrobione odsyłacza do swojego forum jak Rumuni czyli http://ss.eurobattle.net/ro

Ci co mają 3 lvl to chyba wiedzą jakie są komendy ?

~lvl 3
mod = moderates channel
kickall = kicks all users from channel except users with lvl 3 and more
voice = gives voice to someone
devoice = takes voice away
sayingames = sends message to all games
topic = changes topic of the channel
ttopic = adding new temp topic (to remove dont type message !ttopic)
announce = bot sends announcement based on wanted period of time(example !announce time message) to disable type !announce
hostbots = returns nicks of avalible bots
kickbots= kick all bots (not hostbots) from channel no need here :S as i say above
minfo or messageinfo = prints the users that deny mass message and the number of them
ginfo = returns the general info of users. (to add the general info type !addinfo user informations) to remove !addinfo user -
ip = print the ip of guard bot host
minslots = minimum slots that bot need to host freegame (freegame is for lvl 1 users. default 5 !sign)
idle or afk or finger = auto kick afkers(less than 3lvl users) if no other message. else if message !afk stefos it print the time that stefos is idle(no kick him)
addban user name = bans user from joining games
users = print users bots hostbot and who use topaz by number only user who use this see more stats
lvl and number 0 or 1 or ... to 6 = it print user s with that lvl ex !lvl 4 stefos007 [tems]....
clvl name number = change lvl (user with 3 can change users with lvl 2 1 and 0. users with lvl 4 can change users with 3 2 1 (Not users with same lvl). Only root admin can change all users.
cm country message = example !cm gr Hi gr ppl (it sends to all ppl from GR Hi gr ppl) (every 30 seconds for spam prob)
fm message = you know what it do. (every 30 seconds for spam prob)
addinfo = adds general info
warn user reason= 3 warnings = -1 lvl bugs fixed for privius version( you cant warn your same lvl user or above)
from user = ... easy..
bans = count bans
infos = count users that join channel
dbstatus... tech informations
privgoby <hostbot> <user> = create private game with xx hostbot and set owner any user you want.

17th September 2010, 06:02 PM
komenda mod nie dziala:>

4th March 2012, 09:10 PM
Podbijam temat. Czy są jakieś klany polskie grające ladder games, albo jakiś mistrz dżedaj szukający swojego padawana?