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21st July 2010, 10:46 PM
Daca doriti un ghid despre orice legat de warcraft sau DotA faceti aici cerere .

30th August 2010, 04:43 PM
Ar fi buna o schema pentru pickuri la cm .
De exemplu : eroul x nu e bun contra eroul y si z .
Am vazut la brazilieni ceva asemanator, dar nu mai stiu exact unde.

13th October 2010, 02:46 PM
In DOTA there are 3 main roles:

1, Carry
2, Support
3, Ganker


A carry is the player whose job it is to farm for much of the game until he/she has the items required to become unstoppable. A goog carry player is great at last hitting in general. Games usually come down to which carry is better and faster at farming. Think of carrying as being the trump card of the match.

The most populay carry heroes in competitive dota are:

Phantom Lancer
Dragon Knight
Skeleton King
Shadow Feind
Chaos Knight



Well the name is self-explanitory. Support heroes support the team and mainly the carry. It is the support her's role to ward the map, get couriers, heal the carrys and gankers etc. It is not the support hero's role to get items apart from a mekansm where applicable and a ginsoo. However the support hero's ginsoo/mekansm comes second to buying wards, teleport scrolls etc.

It is the support hero's role to babysit the other hero on lane (i.e. let him have all the creep kills). The support hero should also know how to creep-pull letting the main heroes get as much exp as possible.

The support hero would often be targeted since he is usually the easiest target in ganks. It is not expected that support heroes will end the game with amazing strats however this does not mean the support can just randomly sell.

Good support heroes are those that dont require many items to be effective in battle. Heroes that can get off their spells and have good effect e.g. zeus are good in this role.

Here are the most popular choices for support in competitive DOTA:

Crystal Maiden
Lina Inverse
Keeper of the Light
Earth Shaker
Centaur Warcheif



Well the ganker never spends time on lanes after they get a couple of levels needed for accumulating kills. There are usually 2 gankers in a team and they need to be a coheisive unit at all times.

Gankers need to learn all juking spots in the map and need to master the art of a quick kill. They spend most of their time on the move and accumulate gold through hero kills and the occasional neutral.

At all times gankers should have teleport scrolls. They need to be averywhere like a nasty flatulent in a crowded, locked room. The DotA map is theirs until the Carry takes over.

Support heroes generally roam with ganking heroes for that extra dps in fights.

Remember that by starving the opposition you are actually getting your carry in a stronger position for when he is ready to launch his game assault. It is generally good if the gankers can target the opposition carry player forcing him to be underleveled and reluctant to farm empty/dangerous lanes.

There are times as well where gankers are asked to fill another role with their ganking such as gank/support and gank/sami-carry. Gankers should know how to handle these roles as well.

Popular Gank hero choices:

Earth Shaker
Vengeful Spirit
Nerubian Assassain
Blood Seeker
Sand King


There are other heroes in the game that UTTA players find absolutely compelled to play all the time however these heroes are never used in team DOTA because they are termed "point and shoot". A good disabler and it's GG for them.

These heroes are as follows:


Try to keep away from depending on thises as your best heroes. They will almost never be picked by a captain that knows how to pick a team.


So there you have it. It is up to you now to chose what role you want to perform in a team and train accordingly learning to use all of the stated heroes to be good at what you do making your captain confident that he can pick and you can perform.

13th October 2010, 03:18 PM
daca il aproba Raptor7 il voi traduce si apoi va fi pus la sectiunea de dota.

13th October 2010, 03:29 PM
ce e de aprobat ? sunt scrise numai noobisme si prostii in ghidul ala .. E ghid pentru apem ro godz nu pentru -cm mode .

13th October 2010, 03:35 PM
fa tu altu mai bun ;)

10th November 2010, 11:20 PM
Asta e de pe playdota.com e cam vechi dar mi se pare de ajutor


I'm here to teach you about picking successfully in a -cm game. So often I'll be playing -cm games on garena and just be astounded at how bad some teams are at picking, despite their skill at playing the game. Here I'll walk you through the entire process of picking a successful team, and then walk you through some example drafts and show you how picking is really done. I'll also cover what should be done in the game right up until the creeps spawn. From there, I'll leave it to you!

Table of Contents

1. Basic Terminology and Ideas
2. Before the game begins
3. First pick vs. Second Pick
4. Banning
5. First pick(s)
6. Middle picks
7. Last pick(s)
8. Adaptation
9. When the picks are all in
10. Examples
11. Closing comments

1. Basic Terminology and Ideas

Before I begin teaching you about how to pick in -cm, I feel as though I should define some of the terms I'm going to be throwing around so there's no confusion when reading the guide.

Lane Combo-Two heroes that typically function well together in a lane. The most common example features a ranged hero and a melee hero, often both with some sort of disable and/or nuke. They are often able to chain disable and kill an opposing hero.

Lane Control-A hero's ability to survive, farm, and kill enemy heroes in the early-mid stages of the game. Typically, attributes favorable to good lane control include high range, a spammable nuke, an arrow orb (ie. Poison Attack, Searing Arrows, Burning Spears), a heal, and good durability.

Support Hero-A hero who does not require many items to fulfill their role to near maximum potential, and thus is able to spend money on a courier, wards, and other miscellaneous items for the rest of the team. Often support heroes are lower levels than the rest of their teammates, and try to allow the hero they are laned with to get all the last hits while they attempt to harass the enemy heroes and deny creeps.

Babysitter Hero-A special kind of support hero who is paired with a carry. This hero is more dedicated to staying in the lane with a carry hero early game than a normal support, and has the job of allowing a carry to farm and survive early to early/mid game. Often, this hero has a heal, or some ability that allows the carry to spend less money on regeneration and more money on farming their core.

Ganker Hero-A hero with the ability to kill well with their skills throughout the early-mid+mid/late stages of the game. Often these heroes feature a powerful disable and a good nuke, and require some farm to be effective. These heroes also have an ability that is useful in a teamfight, such as a large AoE damage skill or an AoE disable.

Carry Hero-A hero that does not have a good early game, but has an extremely powerful late game. The hero's late game is often dependent on the amount of farm the hero receives throughout the earlier portions of the game. This hero is often melee, and is an agility or strength hero. Carries often are paired in lane with a support hero with high lane control, so they are able to farm more readily.

Jungle Hero-A hero with the ability to farm neutral creeps for the early to early-mid portions of the game. This allows a team to have two solo lanes. These heroes are able to quickly farm items in relative peace, and can stay out of harms way by killing neutral creeps. Some heroes that are efficient at jungling include Enigma, Dark Seer, Lycanthrope, and Furion.

2. Before the game begins

Many teams are doomed from the start when they are picking in a -cm game, simply because they haven't discussed what will happen beforehand. Going into a game blindly is a terrible idea, so I'll teach you how to prepare for the -cm process here.

Know your team- This may seem obvious, but a lot of people actually overlook this when picking. Many newer teams simply try to emulate the pros when picking: while this isn't the worst idea you could have, it's certainly not good. For example, Chen is an excellent hero, but if you don't have a player on your team with excellent micro you will probably lose. Other heroes like this include Beastmaster, Meepo, Pudge, Enchantress (jungle), and Pandaren Brewmaster. Stay away from these heroes unless you know you have a team member who can handle them.

Know what kind of team you want to pick- Every team has their own unique playstyle. Make sure you have a general team in mind before you go into the game. Don't center your team around single heroes (in 99% of cases, I'll explain that later): instead, maybe you decide you want to play a team with mid-late game dominance, so you have the general strategy of <strong nuker mid solo, babysitter+carry lane, range+melee ganker lane>. It's a common strategy, but now when you go into the game you know what you want to end up with.

Establish a good system of communication- This means ventrilo. Use it. Don't really have too much more to say here, other than make sure your team follows your directions when you're assigning lanes and such.

3. First pick vs. Second pick

So you get into your game, you type in -cm, and you wait to see whether you get to pick first or second. Many newer captains want first pick, but there are pros and cons to having both first and second pick.

First Pick-

* Able to pick game breaking hero not banned
* Can dictate enemy picks (to an extent)
* Don't have to worry about picking an inital lane combo


* Can more easily be counterpicked
* Can actually be harder to get the team you want
* Can get hurt by a surprise last pick

Second Pick-

* Able to pick initial, powerful lane combo before enemy team can set one up.
* Can counterpick
* Get the ever-important last pick


* Enemy team will most often get gamebreaking hero if not banned
* Enemy team can get you playing a game of "catch up to my picks"

Always remember that any team member can type in -cm 1 or -cm 2 to give a certain team first or second pick. If you have a real preference, go for it, but most of the time I just let the game or other team pick for me.

4. Banning

Banning is actually a lot harder than it looks. I like to think of bans as coming in two distinct varieties: general bans and counter bans.

General Bans- These are the easy bans. Heroes such as NA, TC, Dirge, Enchantress, Earthshaker, Rooftrellen, Abbadon, or whatever imbalanced hero is the flavor of the month can be removed from the pool. If at all possible, try to let your enemy ban these heroes for you so you have more room to work with. Remember that if you have first pick, you can force the enemy team to ban the really powerful heroes by simply not doing it. If they're good at all, they'll ban them and you'll have more freedom to counterban.

Counter Bans- This is the real trick. Remember how I told you to have a strategy in mind when you enter the game? This is the first reason why. Example: I plan on playing a push-strat. Push-strats are generally very risky, and are prone to failure if not executed correctly, but are almost guaranteed failure if certain enemy heroes are on the other team. So I ban Earthshaker, Kunkka, TC, and Dirge, simply because those heroes are generally very hard to push against. Remember that you can't ban everything that counters your strategy, so try to choose wisely.

I'll list general bans and counter bans for certain strategies, just so you have an idea what is worth banning and what isn't.

NOTE: This is a list for what I think will be for 6.63. This guide was written during 6.62, so a lot of this stuff might not make sense anymore. I'll keep updating it as much as possible.

Crystal Maiden
Bane Elemental
Crystal Maiden

Counter when playing low-AoE Gank Strat:

Counter when playing high-AoE, high int-team:

Counter when playing push-strats:

Counter when playing mid-late game power strats:

Bans give away enemy team intentions- Remember that you can sometimes use enemy bans to figure out what kind of strat they want to play. The easiest one to see is generally the push-strat, since they'll ban heroes who can spam AoE really well early-mid game. Try to figure out what the enemy team is doing just by looking at their bans, and you'll have more success.

Don't throw away bans!- This is one of the biggest mistakes I see when inexperienced captains are banning. They attempt to counterban, but do it in such a way that is more harmful than helpful. A great example is one time I was playing a THR -cm game, and the enemy captain banned Gondar. This tells me that he was looking to pick stealthers. Furthermore, Gondar is a hero that is very unlikely to be picked. I simply waited until my last pick, after he had chosen Stealth Assassin, and took Slardar.

Don't forget to ban anything that can completely dominate you- Luckily for us 6.63 really doesn't have an outright dominant hero like Enchantress and Viper in 6.62, but this is still incredibly important. Never, EVER forget to ban a hero that will ruin your strategy in lieu of some fancy counterban. Keeping game-breaking heroes out of the game should be your first priority in almost every single situation.

5. First Pick(s)

So you've finished banning, and you're on to picking heroes. There's a lot to consider with your first pick(s), so I'll try to cover the process here.

If you have first pick, take an imbalanced hero or if one isn't available, take a general good hero- This is pretty obvious. If the enemy team leaves Dirge in the pool, take Dirge. Don't let the enemy team get away with leaving a powerful hero in the pool. If you can't get imbalanced, get versatile. Go for a hero like PotM, Zeus, Rhasta, Kunkka, etc; that is pretty useful in almost any team.

If you don't have first pick, take the best lane combo available- If you have second pick, you'll generally have the freedom to take whatever lane combo you so choose. Take something strong, preferably with dual disables. Also realize that there are certain heroes that are more popular picks than others. If you want say, spectre warlock as a lane, you can probably hold off until picks 3+4 to choose it. Prioritize what heroes are most important for your particular game plan.

If the enemy team does get an imbalanced hero, don't panic- Sometimes you simply can't avoid letting the other team get a hero like TC or Dirge. Don't worry, every hero is beatable. You can overcome these powerhouses by picking a more solid strategy, especially if you go into a game planning not to have a hero that caliber. Many teams incorrectly implement these heroes into their game plans anyways, so you can usually persevere.

6. Middle Picks

Your middle picks are essential to your success. This is probably the easiest set of picks to make.

Pick the core of your strategy- This is the set of picks you use to solidify your strategy. If you want that spectre warlock lane, now is the time to pick it up.

Take your time- Don't rush your picks. Even if you really really want that spectre warlock lane, maybe it's not a good idea to get it when the enemy team has good anti-carries, like Bane. Your first picks should be versatile enough that your middle picks can dictate your strategy. By this, I mean that you shouldn't be locked into a strategy before you even make these two picks.

Don't counterpick too heavily- This isn't the time to rush into counterpicking unless the enemy team is doing something really obvious, example: Enemy team picks first, grabs Rhasta, then Pitlord and Broodmother. Hmm, wonder what they're planning on doing...

7. Last Pick(s)

The last picks are essential to securing your team. Choose them wisely.

If you picked first, fill the holes- By this, I mean that you should try to fix whatever issues your team has, dictated by the terms of your strategy. Let's say for example I want to play a mid-late game strategy, and I've picked PotM and Spec-WL already. Depending on whether or not I want PotM to solo, I need either a lane partner for PotM and a solo, or a full lane combo. Look at what's available, and more importantly look at what the other team already has. This part of picking generally comes easier with experience, since at this stage there's no real set tips.

If you picked second, get that surprise pick- This is where the real advantage of picking second lies. If the enemy team ends up with say, a low AoE gank lineup, pick say Broodmother and push them hard. Try to have your lineup set up so that you have a definitive lane and 2 heroes that could either lane together or split up into solo and dual lane. An example of this would be Viper-Sand King, Warlock-Spectre. Viper can either solo or lane with Sand King, while Warlock-Spectre is a defined lane. This allows you much more flexibility with your final pick.

If you picked first or second, pick your specialized roles or unpopular heroes- Let's say for example you're playing a gank-strat. A roamer is an incredibly powerful tool for a team like that, and two of the best roamers, Vengeful Spirit and Venomancer, are both unpopular picks. You can save picks like this for now, since it's unlikely that they'll be chosen before this point. Picks like these also tend to give away your strategy, so saving them for last is a good idea.

8. Adaptation

As I've stated before, you'll find yourself in situations where you have to change your strategy due to something the other team does. I'll try to cover the major situations here, but realize that anything can happen over the course of a -cm pick.

The enemy team picks a hero that hurts your picks- This is a different situation than counterpicking. There are certain heroes that are extremely powerful, and can completely change what heroes on your team are effective. The best example I have of this is if the enemy team picks Zeus. Many newer captains wonder why Zeus is such a popular pick. Yes, he's an offensive force throughout the entire game and has great lane control, but so does Leshrac. In fact, Leshrac is probably a better DPS'er and has amazing lane control. Zeus, however, has his ultimate, which is the most powerful anti-blink dagger ability in the entire game. Picking Enigma after the enemy team picks Zeus is very dangerous, because a well-coordinated team with Zeus can initiate team battles simply by hitting Thundergod's Wrath, disabling Enigma's blink dagger, which makes him vastly less useful. Dirge is another game changing hero. Since Dirge's Ultimate and tombstone make him the biggest teamfight monster in the game right now, picking a team focused on big teamfights is probably a poor choice. Adapt your strategy around these gamebreaking picks.

You find yourself counterpicked- Sometimes you will simply get outsmarted as a captain. While you try not to let this happen, it does happen occasionally. Generally, if you find yourself being outpicked, the best course of action is to keep with your strategy, especially if you've already made your middle picks. Trying to radically alter your strategy after picking 3-4 heroes almost always ends in disaster, so instead just hope you can outplay the other team. Look for weaknesses in their lineup you can possibly exploit.

When all else fails, stick to your original plan- This is the most important thing for new captains to learn. I've said it once, I'll say it again. Stick with the plan, and you're much more likely to succeed. Don't stray far from your comfort zone as a team, or else you'll be in serious trouble. Remember that picks are only picks, and while they certainly make a large impact on the game, in the end it comes down to which team executes better. You'll execute better if you're comfortable with what you're doing.

9. When all the picks are in

Even though the picks are over, you still have work to do as a captain.

Assign picks and lanes- Who plays what role should be decided before the game, but if there's a gray area, step up as captain and assign people to playing certain heroes. Also make sure you tell what heroes to go to what lanes. Remember that your short lanes are bottom on Sentinel and top on Scourge. These lanes should be filled by your lane combo that will have more trouble controlling the lane, for example, your carry-babysitter lane. This lane can also easily pull creeps, so keep that in mind when you're assigning lanes.

Assign players to buy chicken, wards, crow, and anything else you think is important- This is one of the biggest mistakes that new captains make. Tell your team members what they should be buying, don't let them helter-skelter make decisions. No one wants to be the guy spending 1/3 of his gold on a chicken, but someone has to do it. Keep this in mind when you're making picks: you don't want to pick 5 heroes that really need that starting gold. Also make sure that someone upgrades your chicken to crow as soon as possible: the upgrade is invaluable. Try to split the burden of wards between at least 2 heroes, as your dedicated support (if you have one) usually won't have enough cash to buy wards and chicken/crow.

Predetermine early ganks- This is more a team decision than an executive captain decision, but it's still an incredibly important one. If you pick a hero with a specialized role, for example a roaming vengeful spirit, make sure you discuss when that hero will be where ganking what lanes. Don't leave your early game up to chance. You have the time before the game starts to discuss these things, so do so.

10. Examples

Here I'll run through a couple of mock -cm drafts, and explain the rationale of the picks and bans in each. After reading these, you should probably head over to a website with some professional replays, watch them, and try to figure out what the pros are thinking when they make their picks. These are all series of bans from games I've played versus good opponents, so I'm not just making up random lineups.

Draft 1:

I have first pick.

Bans: Nerubian Assassin/Dirge/Rhasta/Tauren Chieftain/Enchantress/Kunkka/Viper/Sand King

Comments: Neither team has really given anything away with bans, so I can expect a traditional game with nothing too extreme. The enemy team has left me open for a Bane first pick, which allows me to prepare for an enemy team high in AoE, snce Bane is a heavy counter to carries.


Me: Bane Elemental
Them: Clockwerk Goblin, Priestess of the Moon

Comments: The other team took a powerful combination of heroes suited to a gank style lineup, but that lane combo is versatile enough to be used on pretty much any team, so I'm going to proceed as normal and pick a set of powerful heroes.

Me: Morphling, Earthshaker
Them: Lion, Zeus

Comments: While the other team taking Zeus is certainly a blow to the effectiveness of Earthshaker, it's not crippling like it would be to say, Enigma. I still maintain a team with a lot of disables, and now one with a powerful lane in Morphling+Earthshaker. Bane is versatile enough that I can pick pretty much anything in my final two spots, since I can either lane him or put him mid solo successfully. As of now I see the other team running Zeus solo mid, Lion Clock in the long lane, and PotM is open to lane with someone in the short lane. Since PotM is a strong solo and the short lane is open, I have to consider the possibility that the enemy team will pick a jungler with the final pick. All the good junglers are still left in the pool, so I should consider this when I make my final picks.

Me: Crystal Maiden, Puck
Them: Dark Seer

Comments: I pick a lane combo that involves a support hero, Crystal Maiden, since I was lacking one, and Puck, a hero that can function well in a long lane as a solo while CM is away warding and such. The other team recognized my superiority in teamfights with the huge amount of AoE I managed to collect, and opted to get the less conventional jungler Dark Seer to support PotM in the top lane. I specifically took Puck as my last pick, as Puck is a great way to counter Enigma, who I feel would have been a sure pick had I not taken something to deter the other team. I was first considering Silencer instead of Puck, but changed that notion when I realized how gank heavy the other team was and how vulnerable Silencer is to ganks. Puck is excellent at escaping with Phase Shift and Orb.

Result of the game-
My team wins. The game was an absolute stomping. Bane is more than a match for Zeus middle, which is all you can ask for versus Zeus without Viper or Enchantress. Morphling+Earthshaker were able to hold bottom down well and farm. Earthshaker suffered a few early deaths, but the important thing was Morphling was able to farm without too much trouble. Top lane worked out well, PotM was having trouble ganking Puck even with support from Dark Seer. Phase Shift is an easy dodge to arrows, and despite surge being a powerful assist skill Puck was often able to orb away if necessary. Eventually Morph became a beast, my team leveled up enough to dominate every 5v5 teamfight, and we just walked over the enemy team when they attempted to defend their towers. Once Clockwerk was disabled by Bane, it was quite easy to move in and finish off the enemy team

Draft 2:

I have second pick.

Bans: Dirge/TC/NA/Viper/Bane/Enchantress/Clockwerk/Enigma

Comments: An alarm bell goes off when I see Clockwerk be banned. This tells me the enemy team plans on picking a large amount of Intelligence heroes. Since they neglected to ban Earthshaker, I can safely assume they won't be trying a push strat, but instead a sort of mid/mid-late dominance strategy with lots of AoE. I immediately ban Enigma, since Enigma tends to be a staple of these lineups. I also prepare to pick a team powerful against a low carry team.

Them: Rhasta
Me: Kunkka, Warlock

Comments: They unsurprisingly pick Rhasta. While Rhasta is certainly powerful in those sorts of lineups, he's just a good overall pick, so I can't definitively say that the enemy team is going to be trying a push strat. I pick Kunkka first, since he absolutely eats up Intelligence heroes, and he can also solo. Warlock is my second pick since I can either lane him with Kunkka or another hero that I pick later. Infernal is also good for stopping channelers.

Them: Lina, Puck
Me: Earthshaker, Zeus

Comments: After seeing Lina and Puck get picked, I confirm my initial suspicion that the enemy team is going for a sort of mid/mid-late spellcaster dominance strategy. I pick Earthshaker simply because he's excellent at killing these sorts of heroes and he's just an all around good pick, and Zeus, just to deter them from getting any blinkers. I plan on putting Zeus in middle solo, and laning Kunkka Warlock in my long lane. I'm lacking a partner for Earthshaker, but most heroes pair with him so I'm not worried.

Them: PotM, Tidehunter
Me: Slardar

Comments: The enemy team picks a great lane in PotM Tidehunter, so I decide to counter by taking Slardar, who is extremely good against all of the enemy heroes. Tidehunter doesn't have direct counters, so I instead decide to neglect him and focus upon the other 4 heroes: Rhasta, Puck, Lina, and PotM, all of whom are vulnerable to stuns and are generally squishy. The enemy didn't pick an extremely difficult mid solo, so I swap my lanes. I end up placing Kunkka solo mid, putting Zeus Earthshaker in my long lane, bottom, and leaving Slardar Warlock top. I expect that Rhasta will solo middle, leaving Puck and Lina to the long lane (top) and PotM Tide to the short lane (bottom).

Result of the game-
We won, but it was a really close game. Kunkka ended up doing really well against Rhasta mid, since Rhasta lacks the offensive power to kill him too easily. Slardar Warlock had some trouble at first on top since Shadow Word wasn't sufficient to hold off the 4 nukes of Puck Lina, but eventually that lane got it together and Slardar got in decent farm. Warlock supplied wards, which Kunkka and Earthshaker ended up planting a lot of, since top lane was really tough. PotM ended up getting hurt badly by bottom lane, since early a stun and double nukes (after some harass) was enough to kill her. Tide was largely ignored, since again, he doesn't really do too much in a teamfight other than ravage. Teamfights were pretty savage, but we ended up coming out on top most of the time. Ravage and dream coil was a powerful combo, especially with all the AoE that team had, but Warlock was able to disturb things enough with Infernal that the rest of the team could drop their skills with fair ease. We stupidly tried to Rosh and got caught, getting teamwiped. We would have lost at that point if Slardar and Kunkka weren't able to outcarry the other team, but fortunately they were both farmed enough to tear through the low HP team.

Draft 3:

I have second pick.

Bans: TC/Zeus/Enchantress/NA/Rhasta/Bane/Kunkka/Dirge

Comments: We went into this game with a mindset that we wanted to play a gank strategy into a late game powerhouse. The enemy team banned Kunkka, which tells me they plan on picking squishy heroes, so I plan accordingly. I banned Zeus with hopes that I would be able to get Enigma later in the draft with my middle pick, since I want to run two solos.

Them: Viper
Me: Clockwerk, PotM

Comments: Them taking viper as a first pick is no big surprise, since Viper is such a strong solo. I pick clockwerk and PotM to set up for a heavy gank strategy. Both heroes also semi-carry very well, so I don't have to worry about picking up a hard carry. At this point grabbing Enigma is still a very viable option

Them: Crystal Maiden, Warlock
Me: Earthshaker, Dazzle

Comments: The enemy team taking both Crystal Maiden and Warlock tells me they're preparing for the long haul. Since all 3 enemy lanes will be occupied by at least 1 hero with good lane control, I'm forced to abandon my strategy of picking Enigma as a jungler and instead focus on creating strong lanes. Dazzle and Clockwerk form an excellent tandem, as do Earthshaker and PotM. Clockwerk is able to function in lane while Dazzle is out warding, so everything should be set on that front. I prepare to take a nontraditional solo hero.

Them: Bristleback, Sand King
Me: Broodmother

Comments: The enemy team picking BB and SK leaves me open to take Broodmother, since they're really lacking in AoE. Sand King is a potential problem, as if he faces Broodmother and goes a sandstorm build my push is really hurt. I'm willing to take that risk, since in my mind broodmother will end up pushing a lot harder than they can defend. Brood is also great against a late game, beefy BB.

Result of the game-
We end up winning in what was not a blowout, but from the start the game was pretty firmly in our grasp. The scourge team ended up trying to lane viper versus broodmother solo middle as we suspected they would, and realized far too late that viper was overmatched. Attempted ganks by sand king and crystal maiden from the bottom lane to middle were largely thwarted by some excellent warding from dazzle and the extra vision given by Rocket Flare. Clockwerk was able to run around mid-game pretty freely and keep generating kills. The lane combo of ES/PotM was able to successfully kill WL a few times, leaving BB open to early kills. We managed to end the game before BB could become a major problem. This set of picks is a great example of adaptation of your strategy: even though I entered the game wanting to pick Enigma, I passed on him and ended up better for it.

Draft 4

I have second pick, given by the enemy team.

Bans: TC/Bane/Batrider/Rooftrellen/Dirge/Viper/NA/Rhasta

Comments: While the bans don't follow the usual pattern, they're nothing too out of the ordinary that I'm immediately suspicious of something. I have the mindset of trying to get a hard carry and holding out to the late game, trying to take advantage of teamfights heavily. This means I really want Enigma. Even though I didn't ban Zeus, I'm still confident I can pull off the strategy. I banned Rooftrellen simply because he's a nuisance versus most hard carries with his armor and ridiculous HP.

Them: Enchantress
Me: Zeus PotM

Comments: Enchantress first pick is no surprise. She's a dominant force as a solo middle character, and there's no real solid counter to her except burst damage and stunning her before she gets heal off. So I draft Zeus and PotM, both who are excellent burst damage characters. As a bonus, I don't have to worry about Zeus screwing up my Enigma strategy.

Them: Earthshaker Puck
Me: Warlock Dark Seer

Comments: Even with Zeus on my side, I don't feel confident enough to land black holes with the long range disable of Earthshaker and the jumping ability of Puck. Instead, I opt to go for Dark Seer as a jungler. Vacuum is ridiculously good, and he can easily assist whoever is soloing bottom. Warlock is a good pick simply because I still want to run a hard carry, so I can pick whoever seems good in the last slot. At this point I'm considering Slardar, since Vacuum makes it really easy to land, and I'm lacking hard disables as it is.

Them: Sand King Lina
Me: Slardar

Comments: The enemy team has a whole lot of burst damage. I expect them to run the lanes exactly as they picked them: enchantress solo, earthshaker puck, and sand king lina. I have slardar as a big disable, and he can easily be babysit by warlock. Dark seer will jungle bottom, and assist solo Zeus there. I run PotM middle, simply because having longer range versus enchantress is much better.

Result of the game-
We lose in a fairly close game. In the end, they just had too many stuns. I picked this set of picks to show you how even with a good game plan in mind, you can still lose a game. I should have adapted my strategy after the middle picks when I saw that a hard carry/babysit lane wasn't going to cut it. Instead, I tried to stick to my guns anyways and got burned for it. Solo Zeus was torn apart by the Lina/SK lane, even with the help of DS, and SK just got a blink dagger way too fast and the rest of our team was ganked like crazy. Overall, bad picking by me.

Draft 5

I pick first

Bans: NA/Dirge/TC/Viper/Bane/Rhasta/Zeus/Rooftrellen

Comments: First pick enchantress, woo! This sets me up to do a lot of interesting things. I had a strategy in mind, but I threw that out the window as soon as I was able to pick enchantress.

Me: Enchantress
Them: PotM Sand King

Comments:Nothing too terribly interesting. I take first pick enchantress, they counter with two very solid, versatile heroes. After a quick discussion on vent, we decide to do something a little different.

Me: Enigma Earthshaker
Them: Crystal Maiden Kunkka

Comments: At first I was a little worried about dealing with Kunkka with all the squish that I had, but I realized the other team lacked good initiation, so landing ships was going to be pretty hard. I feel really good about my chances with all the AoE damage and disable I got from Enigma Earthshaker, and move on with picks.

Me: Lina Pudge
Them: Krobelus

Comments: Pudge! This is why you should know your team. I was playing this game with an excellent Pudge. He's good enough that I felt comfortable with him running bottom solo while Enigma jungled. I paired Earthshaker with Lina, as the dual stun and nuke is enough to kill most of those heroes earlier in the game. Pudge serves as a way to isolate an enemy hero before teamfights, allowing enigma to do his job much more easily. Krobleus is actually a pretty solid counterpick, as she forces you to focus her in teamfights while heroes like Kunkka and SK can be dealing a lot of damage unperturbed.

Result of the Game-
We win! Pudge proves to be invaluable in pushes, surprisingly. We found ourselves easily ganking and winning teamfights, but pushing versus Kunkka, SK, and PotM is actually very difficult, so Pudge was the key by removing one hero from battle before we attacked the tower. Lina provided heavy counterwarding, as the enemy really spent a lot of gold on obs and sents. Enchantress proved to be amazing as usual, drawing a lot of attention in middle but not dying that often. Solo krob attempted to kill her by nuking her down, then silencing and moving in for the kill, but silence simply didn't have a long enough duration to stop the heal. Warding provided her with warning of other gankers so she could plan accordingly. Once again, know your team! A more traditional hero would have had trouble doing the job Pudge did, so don't underestimate picking something different if you think you can get ahead with it!

11. Closing Comments

That's pretty much all I have to say about -cm. Remember that you can read every single guide on this website, watch every replay of the pros, and theorize all you want, but you won't get any better unless you play. Find 4-5 friends, get on garena, and start playing -cm games if you want to get better! Practice makes perfect, and that's that. Use my guide not as scripture, but as a well... guide. There will be those of you who disagree with my methods-- that's fine! This is what works for me and my team, and difference is what makes this game interesting. Having fun with the game is the most important thing you can do: don't hesitate to try something interesting if you want to!

11th November 2010, 12:17 AM
Asta a lui pathrocle e ok, desi un pic cam outdated pt k acuma se folosesc mai mult 3 lanes and stuff. Dar e ok. Cat despre cel despre heroes roles, mi se pare cam slabutz + k am facut eu unul mai simplu si mai eficient in sectiunea de dota.

10th December 2010, 10:35 AM
As dori sa aflu cum se folosesti FunnyBotu ... am primit de curand admin dar cand creez game`uri nu apare nici un bot ... astept o parere . Multumesc anticipat .

10th December 2010, 12:27 PM
http://eurobattle.net/showthread.php?t=122217 fi mai atent inainte sa postezi...