View Full Version : Vouch Request Joki1994

9th June 2010, 11:03 AM
1.) Your personal and bnet name.]
My name si Josip Tominac, battle.net user name is Joki1994

2.) Your Age.
I am 16, but I know how to pwn in DotA

3.) Where are you from?
I am from Croatia, Karlovac

4.) Why u wanna join OSA?
I wanna join OSA because I heard that this is a good Clan and I have enough
of fucking noobs, tards, leavers and pluggers who join pub games, and I don't have enoguh battle.net friend users to play priv games

5.) Replay which will show your skills.
I don't have a replay right now, maybe I can play a TG with someone to show you my skills if you want :)

Regards from Joki :tiphat:

9th June 2010, 02:19 PM
Ok, Josipe, ubacicu te u f-listu, pa mozemo odigrati koji game. Moji ingame account je [OSA]Mladenus. Ako te zanima jos neka informacija, mozes mi poslati PM ovde.