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16th May 2010, 09:11 PM
Rikimaru is
- A Carry
- A Disabler
- A Stealth Serial Killer
- A One Man Dynasty
- A lvl 6 & On Hero ( means dont try to get (first blood ) if u got no plan)
- A All Agi Hero 100%
- A Solo Ganker
- A Team Battle Starter With Blink + SmookBomb

Rikimaru Is Not
- A Tank
- A Support
- A Team Ganker
- A Scary Cat
- Melee Normal Attack
- Short As It Good For His Game Role
- Stealth All The Time
- A Great AGI Pre Lvl
- Can 1vs1 Any One

- Low STR INT Per LVl = low mana low hp Pool
- No Nuke Skill
- Two Nukes U Die
- Not So Fast

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5Fyqd2dvdAQ/SYMMctfdu3I/AAAAAAAAASM/ewv_Wm1hxz0/s320/Rikimaru_stealth_assassin_Smoke_Screen.gif Throws a smoke bomb down in the area, silencing opponents and causing them to miss on most of their attacks. Also slows by 25% at all levels.
A Silance And 25% SLow for a 325 AoE and a chance to miss of 70%
325 AoE is a silance to all ur enemies in team battle and if thay hed ( troll - bounty - slark -slardar) what they gone ulti and fight inside ur smook let tham try and 70% of thair attacks are missed while all of urs are critcal..
250AoE 40% miss
275AoE 50% miss
300AoE 60% miss
325AoE 70% miss

Teleports to a unit and strikes it if it is a foe, dealing bonus damage.
Attack or escape tool can be used to gank or jumping to a friend runing from ur death , at it's last lvl u get a bonus of 120 magical damage + ur normal damage in ur first hit as u jump to a enemy. (50 mana cost all lvls)

The Stealth Assassin is not afraid to fight dirty, and specializes in attacking his opponents from behind.

It's ur main skill u should have it full first..or ur a useless madget, this skill is all agility agility , as u back stab a hero or a creep u well have ur damage bonus all of ur agi X 1 (thats a plus to ur normal damage)Normal Damage + BackStab Damage = high Damage (.25X -.5X -.75X - 1X)


Rikimaru becomes permanently invisible when not attacking.

Invisibility is a great thing right....
Remmber When u hit ur Visiable when u stop hitting u well have a fade time the time that enemys half seeing u while u enter invisiable mode and in that fade time they can make u fade forever so be carefull and think of what ur doing there is a ways that can make u invisiable even when ur fighting we well get to this now.... ( 3 sec fade - 2.25 sec fade - 1.5 sec fade)

My Riki Style
Start game:
Riki is a solo hero u need to put this in ur freaking mind and u better solo top or down i allways play riki and i solo 2 it allways work out eating this to i get to lvl 8 9 they still trying to go 6 remmber when u solo u need to play safe u get higher exp gain which is all that u need to be a serial killer u need to get to 6 just start of deny and and last hitting creeps gain money and exp try to be safe if u play solo 1v1 it would be easy and not so much of use to do 1v1 solo so u go down or top and make it 2 v1 mid u better be soloing 2 becoz that well give u a chance to get two kills and make two of there team feeders which is so easy as u lvl 6 becoz of ur items and skills build up u can kill 2 togther

Mid Game
Ganking time u need to runn all over tham map start killing hero remmber thats ur role killing heros and farming.... ur a killer and a farmer killing and spying in enemys jungle would be ur job in mid game and every team battle u jump in first and smooking thair ass's given ur friends the time to use what they got but remmber u jump first that doesnt make u tank at all u never tank damage u jump and silance and hide till ur team tank apears with his battle cry and never get afraid from anyone to solo seens ur going to do forever invisable way..

Late Game
If u did what u should do mid and early game u would be the one that got the byond godlike and u would be the one that end up the game RKOing all of the 5 alone but late game u never show u self to a disabler or he rape u with his mate's
Never Visiable
As ur an invisible hero why bother been visible ? why not fight invisible??!!u Dont know how to do Invisible fighting???

here we go get it understand it play it love it thats the first rule...

Ur hero is a little blue thing that can fight
U got a big AoE SmookBomb Blue SmookBomb as ur color
Try this one A Fucking Disabler Lion is there killing some creeps his a lvl 6 ur lvl 6 and u come in closer to his back while his attacking creeps u ether wait him steal mana from the mage creep or stuning the creep u dont use any skill it's like this 2 normal hits in the back (his like shit it's riki lets disable hahahha) (ur like am a faster disabler hohoho) u use smook and keep fighting inside the smooke as he well seek to leave teh smooked area hey may die in the smooke or as he leave it u jump in with the blink as a finshing blow got one disabler down as we know lion is a #1 disabler
so it's like 2normal backstab +smooke+ other 3 or 4 normalbackstab in smooke ( if didnt kill) + blink for a finsh

Skill Build Up
Level Ability
1 back stab
2 SmokeScreen
3 blink strike/smokescreen
4 back stab
5 blink strike
6 permanent Invisibility
7 back stab
8 blink strike
9 back stab
10 blink strike
11 Permanent Invisibility
12 smokescreen
13 smokescreen
14 smokescreen
15 stats
16 Permanent Invisibility
17-25 stats

Early Game
A Safe Player ( wont need much heal)

Mid Game
Starting Mid Game Items

thats a 34 Bonus Agi and damage +40BlockDamage for solo 2 people they dont damage alot
Ending Mid Game

Late Game Items

If The Game Drags Long:

16th May 2010, 10:13 PM
Stolen guide.