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11th March 2010, 04:17 PM

With this survey, we would like to collect some information about eurobattle.net clans and their activities, to get a clear view on current status of server clans. If the results of this survey will be positive enough, we will take some actions and start some projects in order to bring clan activities and clan wars on the whole new level.

Please, post your answers in this thread.

What is your clan about in the origin (pg, dota, custom map)?
Is your clan currently active?
How many members does it have approximately?
How many of them are active daily?
Do you manage to play clan wars against other clans?

Would you be interested to participate in clan wars ladder?
If the answer on the above question is yes, please tell us the names of 2 clan members that would represent you (would have acces to the ladder site, more info later).

~Regards, eurobattle.net staff

12th March 2010, 09:32 AM
1. Our clan is about Custom map : Night of the Dead
2. Not much, but we are around from time to time, mostly weekends.
3. We have 44 players in 2 clans.
4. Daily i would say 5 max.
5. Its a Survival map so we dont play clanwars.
6. Like i answered on the upper question. Not sure even that i should answer clan war questions. :)
7. N/C